900 AERO MY1985

2007-2008 "Tearing down"
  :: Initial inspection ::  

An initial inspection was made in August 2007, and a wiser person would have stopped at this point, but we of course didnt. At this point in time we never had any thought of doing such an intense and big renovation as it in the end was, we just planned to exchange some metal and repaint the car, as easy as that :-)

The front plate under the gearbox had taken some hits and was pretty miss-shaped and it was heavily rusty around the z-beams and the trunk compartment.

  :: Tearing down ::  

In winter 2007/2008 the car was put in my parents garage and all parts was taken out and photographed. It will be hard to find every single screw to put it back together but atleast it was an serious attempt to remember where all the things goes. As seen on the pictures, more rust showed up.

The front cooling beam has had some earlier repairs and famous rust places near the lower part of the front chassie is as expected on a high mileage car like this one. The fuel-filter and the beams holding the rear springs had surely seen better days.

  :: Wash ::  

After we had demounting all the major parts we rolled the car out and washed it one final time before the sandblasting and welding begun.

  :: Construction of Jig ::  

In order to more easily work with the car we bought two engine stands from the Swedish car accessory company Biltema and enhanced them for use as a car-jig.

Now the car was rotateable!

  :: Sandblast ::  

The next step was to transport the empty body to a company to let them sandblast it to take away all the rust and replace it with holes :) Atleast its possible to see what needs to be done more in detail.

  :: Inspection after sandblast ::  

The pictures speaks for themselves, the car now has all thest lovely holes all over it that needs to be fixed!

  :: Transport to welding location ::  

In october 2008 the car was transported to the welding location where it (as it turns out) will be standing for many years. But first was the front wings demounted by drilling out all the weld points.

Here i am posing with my empty car body just before the welding is about to start!