900 AERO MY1985

  :: History:  

The car is a silvergrey Saab 900 Aero (TurboS) of modelyear 1985, it was produced in october 1984 as an Saab-Scania AB internal test-car (the owner label below). It was later used by the employees at Saab-Scania as a poolcar for better knowledge about the products, and the employees used it for some months at a time. The car was sold to one of the employees (ref. BB) in March 1988 with the milage of 12.000km. He used and served it for a couple of years. He installed some aftermarket accessories: whale-tail spoiler, dual-pipe exhaust system and special Aero-stickers (see picture below) which was only sold by SAAB-USA as an accessories (due to legal/trademark reasons, Saab was not allowed to sell the car as "Aero" in the states). He sold it in June 1990 to his brother (ref. JB), which drove it until it passed 200.000km.

I bought it in March 2006 and at this point the years had taken hard on the car with 370.000km on the instrument cluster. It had rust in all the typical classic Saab 900 places and the dual-pipe was gone since i dont know when, the whaletail spoiler stolen, and the car in need for a serious overview, but a lot of normal wear-down parts was replaced by the previous owner. The rust was concentratet under and inside of the car, it ddint looked too bad on the outside, besides the white frontlamp glass and the amateur paint of the front wings and hood (probably it covered some of the rust you might think). The gearbox was also in need of a renovation/replacement.

The goal of my project is to renovate it to perfect original style. Some minor upgrades seen on later classic 900s might show up. To my help i have collected an insanly number of new parts for the car which cost more than i want to calculate on, just to bring this iconic car back to its former glory.

A big special thanks goes out to my wife for supporting me in this crazy project, furthermore
Lars-Ake Larsson and my father, without you this renovation wouldnt have been possible.

Owner list

# Owner Milage when bought
1 Saab-Scania AB 0 km
2 Saab-ANA (dealer) 120.000 km
3 BB 120.000 km
4 JB ???
5 ??? > 200.000 km
6 ???
7 me 370.000 km


  :: Images ::  

The image section is divided into the follwing sub-sections:

2007 - 2008 - Tearing down

2008 - 2009 - Body work #1

2010 - 2011 - Body work #2

2012 - Body work #3 (soon to come)