900 AERO MY1985

2010-2011 Body work #2
  :: Rear right wheel house::  

The rear right wheelhouse i found on the Saabfestival in Trollhättan in one complete piece in 2007. This was indeed lucky because the wheelhouse on the vehicle was very sad.We put the wheelhouse in its place in order to weld the reinforcement beam its in new location. Some welding of the wheelhouse needs to be done after the big right side plate has been removed (later).

  :: Rear left wheel house::  

Luckily the left wheel house was in good shape so we "only" replaced the middle beam for a new one, also bought at the Saabfestival in 2007. Some metal had however to be replaced behind the beam before welding it into place.

  :: Left Z-beam ::  

The Z-beams are located under the car in Z-direction (hence the name) and are usually very rusty on the classic 900. This car was no difference and previous owner had tried a quick and dirty solution in the front part of the beam on top the classic rust place, the lower swivel arms. The metal above the lower swivel-arm is nearly none as seen on the pictures below. In this car the rust monster also took a big bite in the rear section of the z-beam (have seen it on many cars).

  :: Left front wheel housing ::  

It was now time for the left front wheel housing, and we really hope the reinforcement we made will keep the car in position. As for the right side i managed to find a Saab original sparepart wheel housing and decided to replace it all. No guts no glory! The first thing to take away was the front reinforcement crash beam, but after looking inside it i doubt the designed function was still there. Rust, rust and more rust! The wheel housing weldpoints were drilled out and the housing cut in three pieces before carefully taken out and replaced with the new. The fitting was as the right side impressively good, but of course due to original parts from Saab.

  :: Front floor ::  

The front floor consists of the left/right front floor, the front beam and below it a plate. The 370.000 km could really be seen on my car and most of the floor pieces were bad in one or another way. front plate was demolished after too many hits under the car from previous owners, the left/right front floor very rusty due its location and design above the lower swivel arms. The front beam looked good from the outside, but was indeed rusty inside and was repaired multiple times by previous owners. The only good solution was to replace it all with new original parts!

  :: Removing left side plate::  

The next big part is to replace the big side plates, and we started with the left side. The tough part will be to fit the trunk lid, the side plate, the b-door pillar support, the door, the front wings and the hood together! (puh!). Step one however was to remove the left side plate

  :: Test-mounting the side plate::  

Testmounting the side plate together with teh b-door pillar support, the door and the front wing. We beliveve this is not impossible to fit this together.

  :: End 2011 ::  

This was as far as we got in the year 2011. More information if you click the links below