900 AERO MY1985

2008-2009 Body work #1
  :: Right front wheel housing ::  

The first thing we started with was the right front wheel housing. It wasnt all bad, but i managed to find a new complete Saab original sparepart wheel housing so we decided to exchange it all. We constructed a fixation of the body to hold the vehicle in the jig while cutting out the rather big pieces that holds everything together.

We realized that we had to also restore the sill before we could put the new wheel house into place, so we cut out a piece of it and let a local company get us a new piece of metal that would fit.

Finally the wheel house could be put into place together with a new Saab original floor metal spare part:

  :: Rear reinforcement beam and spring support ::  

Moving further back on the vehicle.. The beam located over the fuel tank is for reinforcement of the chassie and also holds the upper spring supports was not that good. Well, the beam itself was not that bad but the spring supports where kind of gone. These metal pieces were we unable to get hold of as original spareparts so we went looking for a donor car to take them from. The rear right wheel house was so rusty so we had to take it all out, more about that later. To freshen up your memory comes here a picture from the previous teardown page that shows the rusty spring support on one side:

As a donor we got hold of a Saab 900C that already had worked as a donor for the previous owner in the front section, lucky for us was the car in very good condition in the rear section that we were interested in.

The piece was left for sandblast and a layer of zink, to better withstand future use. My Aero had the chance to see some light when we took it out to sandblast it a little bit where the old beam had been located, there was some rust in between that had grown so it was good to exchange it.



  :: Trunk ::  

Pieces of the trunk was also taken from the red donor as my aero basically was missing most of the metal where the two plates meet, and we want all the plates in the car to look as close to original as it possibly can.

  :: Left sill ::  

The left sill wasnt as bad as the right one, but needed some new metal as well. Similar operation as on the right side, but not all of the metal had to be changed. I was surprised how good the jack supports were, the metal under it was however very bad. On the last picture it is visible how bad the left z-beam was with a big hole under the drivers feets.


  :: End 2009 ::  

This was as far as we got in the year 2009. More information if you click the links below