eSID - extended Saab Information Display

The "eSID" is a tool that can be integrated into a Saab vehicle from 1998 to 2014 and enhances the Saab driving experience by collecting internal hidden car data and present it to the driver on the built-in SID (Saab Information Display).

eSID3 works on Saab NG9-3 2007-2014 with the face lifted interior and is easily installed under less than a minute. No wiring is needed, its simply to connect it in the OBD connector under the steering wheel.

eSID 03-06 works on Saab NG9-3 2003-2006 and consists of one unit behind the SID near the windscreen and another other one in the OBD connector under the steering wheel. The installation requires some additional wiring to be installed and it is typically installed under less than 2 hours.

eSID 9-5 works on Saab OG9-3 1998-2003 and Saab OG9-5 1998-2010 and the installation requires some additional wiring and is typically installed under less than 2 hours.

IPC650GW is not an eSID product like the others but a solution that enables installation of a Saab NG9-5 Instrument Cluster in a Saab 9-3 2003-2006. Modifications to the dashboard bezel is needed but no wiring, easy-to-install adapter harness included in the kit.

All the products focuses on seamless integration in existing vehicle functions, to be intuitive and to provide a range of new functions for the driver:
  • Three-Blink when touching the turn indicator
  • Selectable Welcome Message
  • Selectable Goodbye Message (only eSID 9-5)
  • Selectable Welcome Icon (only eSID 03-06)
  • Start the Auxiliary Heater with the Remote (only eSID2/eSID3)
  • Automatic Hazard activation on panic brake (only eSID3/eSID03-06)
  • Force DPF Regeneration (only eSID3)
  • XWD Percentage / Torque Split (only eSID3)
  • TCS/ESP Off Switch on 2008-2014 (only eSID3)
  • Momentary Fuel Consumption
  • Accumulated Fuel/Distance
  • Average Fuel Consumption
  • Manually controlled Wiper interval function (only NG9-3)
  • Torque/Power
  • Turbo Boost Pressure
  • Air mass
  • Tire Pressure/Temperature
  • Drive Time
  • Engine Coolant Temperature
  • Intake Air Temperature
  • Ethanol Blend
  • Automatic Gearbox Oil Temperature
  • XWD Oil/Clutch Temperature
  • Acceleration Performance
  • Crank Voltage
  • Lambda/AFR
  • Parking Distance (only NG9-3)
  • Brake Distance and Time (only eSID3/eSID 03-06)
  • Read/Clear ALL DTC’s in the entire vehicle (not only OBD)
  • Diesel Particle Filter Status (Estimated Soot, Regeneration active etc)
  • Set System Clock if using non-OEM radio/navigation (only eSID2/eSID3)
  • Automatic activation of Fog lights in Park light position (only NG9-3)
  • Automatic activation of Fog lights with Full Beam (only NG9-3)
  • Metric/Imperial units
  • Exterior Light activation on Remote Unlock (only NG9-3)
  • Automatic Folding/Unfolding Mirrors (only NG9-3)

A word from the creator: I am a great fan of Saab cars in general and the classic Saab 900 in particular. I live in Sweden, where Saab cars are commonly found and i own a couple of them myself: a low-mileage 900 Aero/SPG MY88 (first used as an internal emission test-car at Saab-Scania AB), a 900 Aero/SPG MY85 which is currenly undertaking a rather crazy restoration,a 9-3 SS Aero St5+ 320hp/450Nm MY2004, a 9-3 SC Aero Hirsch MY2009 and a 9-5 SC Vector 2.3T MY2006

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eSID is developed, manufactured and sold by Service 4 Hjo AB, Sweden


2023-12-30: Added Software Changelog page
2023-12-30: Added IPC650GW-NG93 product
2023-07-13: Added TSE Automotive as distributor
2023-07-13: Added guide how to add TPMS to Saab NG9-3
2022-11-25: Added eSID9-5 Documents,Videos and Information